Window Air Conditioner Installation

 During the sultry summers it is a good option to install the window air conditioners. It has been seen that window air conditioners are easy to install than the central air conditioners. In fact, another lucrative advantage of these units is that they can be removed when the temperature falls and becomes comfortable and the window seal can be used for a lot of other purposes.

There are certain basic steps which have to be followed for the installation of window air conditioners. They are the following:

 • To determine the size of the room: Window ACs comes in different size and capacities. However, it is important to select the perfect size for a particular room. In fact, getting to know the right size of your air conditioner is easy. You just have to feed in the dimensions of the room you will be told about the exact tonnage that you require. Here it must be noted that in case, the room opens to a passage it is necessary to calculate that area as well in your total square feet. Another consideration is the position of the room. If it is located towards a shady region the tonnage required will be more while if it is on a sunny side the tonnage required will be less. Most importantly, keep fire safety in mind when installing a window air conditioner.

• Pay attention to the Energy Efficiency of the machine: Air conditioners today have high energy efficiency and it is always a better idea to choose machines which has a higher EER rating. This way you can be sure that you will save on your electricity bills. However, it may so happen that you have to pay a higher price when you are buying an energy efficient machine.

• Handle the machine with care during installation: When you think of installing your window AC it is obvious that you have someone else to help you as well. This is because air conditioners are quite cumbersome units and it can get quite difficult to handle it all alone. It is always a good idea to go through the manufacturers’ manual before you actually start with the process.

 • Once the installation gets over, you need to plug it in. Make sure that the circuits you are using along with the cord are in pretty good condition to avoid any kind of difficulties at a later stage.

It must be noted here that installation alone is not enough for a window AC to function well. There are certain things that you need to do to ensure that the machine has a longer life.

• It is a good idea to clean the air filter at least once in a month. It is an easy process. You can do it with warm water and dish soap or vinegar. However, you should reinstall it only when the filter has dried completely.

• Cleaning the condenser coils once every season is also considered a good practice for the health of the machine.

• Try to keep your unit away from insects like bees and wasps. In case, you have placed the unit on the window try to use an air conditioner cover.

• When you are cooling the condenser coils you can also clean the water pan. It is an effort to prevent the growth of mold and a musty odor.

Last but not the least, take good care of your machine and it will serve you well.





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