AllerAir Aller Air A5AS21223111-cop 5000ExecUV ( Airmedic Pro 5 Exec UV) Air Purifier



Four level filtration system for extensive air purification Consists of an easy-to-clean pre-filter Carbon filter effectively absorbs chemicals, gases, and odors HEPA filter is medical-grade and traps 99.97% of airborne particles Included 10 watt UV lamp sterilizes airborne pathogensAller Air A5AS21223111-cop 5000ExecUV (Airmedic Pro 5 Exec UV) Copper Air PurifierEliminate a variety of pollutants from your indoor air with the Aller Air A5AS21223111-cop 5000ExecUV (Airmedic Pro 5 Exec UV) Copper Air Purifier. This product is a general-purpose air purifier suitable for usage at home and in areas where airborne germs are a concern. During the flu season, you can take this air purifier to the office with you for clean, microbe-free and particle-free breathing air. This model of the Airmedic Pro 5 Exec UV comes in copper and has a four-stage filtration system:Easy-clean pre-filter2.5 inch deep activated carbon filterMedical-grade HEPA filterGermicidal UV lampAll-Purpose Air PurifierWith an 18lb carbon filter, the Aller Air A5AS21223111-cop 5000ExecUV is great at absorbing chemicals, gases, and odors. This Aller Air product also consists of a medical-grade HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, which is effective at removing 99.97% of particles (to 0.3 microns in size) floating around in the air. When these particles aren't removed from the air, you breathe them in, resulting in irritated sinuses, allergies, sickness, and more. That's why the Airmedic Pro 5 Exec UV is a must-have for any home: it helps you and your loved ones stay healthy year-round.Sterilizing UV LampThe UV component on the Aller Air A5AS21223111-cop 5000ExecUV renders it ideal for usage in rooms throughout the house where airborne microbes are a concern, such as the kitchen, the bathroom, the basement, and other such areas. The 10 Watt UV lamp works to sterilize airborne pathogens and prevents micro-organisms from reproducting within the air purifier. Accordingly, this Aller Air air purifier would also be highly effective in places like a daycare center or a doctor's waiting room, to prevent the spread of illnesses. Best of all, this germicidal UV lamp, along with the rest of the unit's filters, are all replacable separately depending on wear and tear, making the Aller Air
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