Installing Central Air Conditioner

If you have bought a new home or planning to remodel your home, it is a good idea to opt for central air conditioners. This way you can be sure that every part of your home has a comfortable temperature. But the biggest challenge in case of central air conditioners is its installation, only professionals can do the job well. In fact, with proper installation you can expect the perfect temperature maintenance throughout your home. If there is some problem with the installation it is obvious that certain problems will crop up. So if you want to enjoy a more consistent temperature control and superior indoor air quality it is mandatory that you get the system installed by experienced professionals.

When central air conditioners are installed there are certain things that needs to be kept in mind. They are:

• It should be environment friendly which means it should be installed in such a way that it reduces impact on the environment and is highly energy efficient.
• The system should be installed in a manner that it is successful in controlling humidity and gives out a comfortable indoor air.
• Moreover, proper installation should take care of the fact that it throws out stale air and other pollutants from the room and brings fresh and pure air.

The basic rule of properly installing a central air conditioner is that the outdoor and the indoor unit should integrate properly and only then the system will function most optimally. Another important aspect of installing central air conditioners is the ductwork. It should run through the right places.

The second aspect about the installation of central air conditioner is the cost involved. Before you decide to install a central air conditioner in your home, it is natural that you would like to know the expenses involved with it. Factors like size of the building, availability of the certain systems in the house determines the expenditure largely. For example, when an installation work involves the running of ductwork the price shoots up considerably. Generally, it is seen that the average cost to install central air conditioner ranges from $2650 to $15K. It is almost certain that the installation of a central air conditioner cannot be accomplished without professional help, thus calling HVAC contractors is a common practice.

Although above rates are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

If we have to break down the cost involved in the installation process, then the basic categorization would be contractors, subcontractors, labor and materials. Different parts of the job are done by different people. For example, a contractor is the person who will assess the building and will determine the actual size of the unit. The subcontractor are the ones who does the electrical part and a labor or two assists in the completion of the work.

Besides these, the other factors that determine the installation cost are the size of the house, number of windows in the house, the quality of insulation in the house and the tonnage along with the SEER rating of the unit that will be installed.

Hence, it is recommended that you take quotes of installing a central air conditioner from a few contractors before you finalize someone.

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