Annual Maintenance Of Hvac And Faqs

Maintaining a HVAC is beyond the scope of most homeowners. This is because they don’t have enough time for it. HVAC is a complex gadget and most homeowners would not know what to look into for regular checkup. Therefore it is always wise to outsource the job of HVAC maintenance to a professional third party. These companies send professionals twice a year for servicing your HVAC. These technicians ideally com for autumnal tune-up just be for ewinter commences and also for a spring tune-up just before summer begins. In these maintenance, minor faults that can compound into complex ones later get detected and are resolved. Preventive maintenance saves you hefty repair costs of future. They extend the lifespan of your machine. Now what should a contractor do when they visit your house for a tune up.

• They should closely inspect the coil sand heat exchangers. The coils should be checked for leaks and ice buildup. The controls of the system should also be checked for smooth functioning.
• They should adjust the components if required for better efficiency and comfort.
• Sometimes the thermostats set too high which disable the machine from producing enough cool air.
• The electrical connections, removable components, and other parts should be checked for loose connections.
• Make sure air ducts are clean, sealed and insulated.
• Clean and oil fans and other moving parts.
• Check belts
• Check for and repair fuel leaks, refrigerant leaks and similar problems.
• Repair minor faults that can become big in future.






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